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Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a medical condition, not a “character flaw”
Addiction is a serious medical disorder that unfortunately often ends deadly if left untreated. One of the main problems with addiction is the social stigma that is attached to it. This is one of the main reasons why patients get into treatment too late, after they suffered from medical, social or legal problems.
Like other medical and mental conditions, addiction is treatable and the earlier a patient starts treatment, the higher the chance of recovery. Depending on the type of addiction, substance used and possible underlying mental or medical conditions there are medications available to assist in the treatment. In fact it has been proven that a combination of counseling and medication has a higher chance of recovery than either one alone.
How do I know if I’m addicted?
In general, if you keep on doing an activity (e.g. gambling or using drugs) despite negative consequences (medical, social or legal) you are likely addicted. In short: Addiction is characterized by “continued use despite harm”. Take the quick test to find out if you have an addiction problem.
I Need Help!
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